Yum Yuckers and Balloon Bursters

Wanted to share this excerpt from the Living in 120 square feet blog that was posted by Laura LaVoie on August 28, 2013:

“At an event not too long ago I was showing photos of our house when someone exclaimed, “Oh, how ugly! Why would you decorate your house in green?”

Most of the the time I just smile and move on but this time I looked at them and said, “Because I like green. If you don’t like green that’s fine. If you build your own house you don’t have to use any green.”

I was kind of surprised when they were taken aback. “Did that comment offend you?” they asked. Well, yes, it did. What purpose does it serve to tell me that the thing I like is bad?

Let’s recognize these differences and focus on the things we do share. Let’s all make a conscious effort not to yuck anyone else’s yum.”

For thirteen years I worked in adult day care and activity programming. I worked with a team of fabulous women who brought their love, enthusiasm, and half the contents of their home to work every day in order to put on a program for our day program attendee’s. It was our way of helping them remember, reminisce, and stay connected to life. Sue, one of the activity leaders, had just returned from the beach and was really excited to do a summer program on going to the beach. She brought in a beach chair, towels, sand bucket and shovel, and her fabulous collection of sea shells for the residents to touch. At the end of the program, as she was helping Frank (a program attendee often frozen with Parkinson’s disease), get ready to go home. She asked Frank, “Did you enjoy the seashells?” Frank answered, “I don’t care so much about seashells, but it was your enthusiasm on the subject that I really enjoyed.”

Do the stories above offer any insights?

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