Two Minds: Which one needs the batteries replaced?

I can still hear the verse and see the gestures that went along with it to embed the concept of Large Mind vs. Small Mind, being recited by John Sullivan and classmates at the Tai Sophia Institute in Laurel, MD.

“There are two ways to look at anything” (as we held up two fingers on each hand and raised them in the air).
“A small minded way” (as we made a small circle with our thumbs and pointer fingers)
“And a LARGE minded way” (moving our hands apart to gesture a larger circle and raising our arms up a bit to signify a rise in consciousness).
“Choose LARGE mind!” (Here, we stuck our pointer fingers up in the air and shook our fists).

The Two Minds:
Small mind—young, immature, ordinary, everyday mind. When we are complaining, criticizing, oppositional, thinking about faults, shortcomings, obstacles, etc.. we are in small mind.
Large Mind—wise, transcendent, global, mature mind. When we are operating from awareness, mindfulness, possibility thinking, accountable, responsible, etc.. we are in Large mind.

Recently I came across a post on a message board which said this person (the one posting) was about to go on a cruise with a group of friends and one of the stops would be St. Petersburg, Russia. The question was asked by the poster, “Can anyone give me one good reason why I should bother getting off the boat in St. Petersburg? I would rather just stay on the boat or pass it by”. And, to my absolute amazement, another person agreed and said they would also just stay on the ship because they had no interest at all in St. Petersburg.
As one or two others gave some ideas for interesting things to see there, the poster came up with remarks that shot down their ideas. Wow! I found myself going into small mind around that post and even being judgmental. I chose not to comment.

Any of us can go back and forth between the two minds. I invite you to notice today, with me, if you are in small mind or in Large mind at any given moment and notice how it feels in your mind and body as you shift from one to the other.

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