Beer Vending Machines at Work?

drunk_monkey cartoonOn June 25, 2013, The Wall Street Journal ran the following article on drinking in the workplace.
More Offices Offer Workers Alcohol
I must say I had an immediate reaction to this as my husband read the headline and first couple of lines aloud. Having lived for two years in the United Arab Emirates, where you had to obtain an alcohol permit to even be able to purchase alcohol and drink it in your own home, this was a stretch for me. And, as I remind myself that my company name is Another Way To See It, I ask you, dear readers, to offer your thoughts. Perhaps I am missing something altogether. Could this be the new better business practice?

I am pretty certain that if I were to drink a beer or two with my monkey friends at Frisky’s Wildlife and Primate Sanctuary, things would get pretty wild! Keep in mind that the macaque monkey shares a sequenced genome that is 93% the same as humans. The rhesus macaque has 21 pairs of chromosomes and humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes. We’re not so different. I’m just sayin…

2 thoughts on “Beer Vending Machines at Work?

  1. I agree with the premise that alcohol should remain separate from the office environment. If people need to stay after hours to complete tasks, how focused might they be if they’ve had a few drinks, and could the quality of work suffer? Perhaps a 10 min. on-site seated massage would do better to relax and un-kink their bodies and minds, though that comes at more of a financial cost than a case of beer in the fridge.

    • Dear Wonderful Marijane–

      Thank you so much for your thoughts to my post on alcohol in the workplace. Please forgive my delay in responding, for I, after 8 months of blogging, have just found this section for comments that I had not seen until just now! lol I’m a beginner! I agree that on site seated massage would work wonders in the workplace!

      Love and Laughter,
      Heather :o)

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