How to “Ass”ess Whether or Not a Client is Right for YOU

I was recently at a networking luncheon where there was a panel of speakers on the topic of “Letting Go of Perfect: The key to Success”. I was eager to hear what the panelists had to say. With certain things, I have a tendency to try so hard to hold on to perfect, that I overwhelm myself. I took notes as one panelist said she has realized that it is easier to specialize than to try and serve everybody. Once she let go of trying to serve everybody, she became more successful. She now carefully chooses those clients that she wants to work with.

At the end of the event and before heading onto the beltway, I headed to the ladies room. It seems that several others had the same idea—and so the networking continued in line. It so happens that the panelist, who shared her wisdom earlier, was in line in front of me. I thanked her for the business advice that she had shared. I could tell she hadn’t really taken in my gratitude by the way she shrugged her shoulders and by the hand gesture she made, as if to say “oh, this old thing!” “No, Really!” I responded. “I tend to take on all clients even though I may not want to, so you made me think about that.”

But how she responded to that was the REAL gem! She giggled and said “If I get off the phone with someone and can’t help but say ‘ASSHOLE’ after I hang up, then I know this is not someone I am willing to work with. Lol–this client assessment method is one I’m going to consider.

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